How to Pray the Novena at Home


Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help is usually prayed in the shrine at Baclaran or in your local parish every Wednesday. Novena is a communal devotion not a private or individual devotion, thus, this is a prayer done with fellow devotees.

If there is a serious reason that you are not able to attend the novena at the shrine or in your local parish, like you are sick or some very important circumstances prevented you from attending the novena, then you can pray the novena at home.

Here are some important directions to praying the novena at home:

  1. Place an Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help or a copy of the icon at the altar of your home. Adorn it with candles and some flowers.
  2. Prepare the novena booklets. You can download a copy of the new Revised 2016 novena @
  3. Invite your whole family or mates at home in praying the novena.
  4. Appoint a prayer leader to lead the prayers and hymns of the novena.
  5. Give some time for silence to contemplate or gaze at the icon during the novena.
  6. If you have not yet done so, consecrate the whole family to Our Mother of Perpetual Help before the novena or at a different time. You can download a copy of the Consecration @
  7. You can omit in the novena the Benediction prayers and hymns since you are doing the novena at home but you can pray the prayer for the sick. Then conclude the novena with the hymn, Hail Mary …


(This article is an excerpt from the book National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help: Tips, Trivia and Tribute by John Maguire, Joey Echano, et. al., soon to be published)