Shrine of the Lay


The Baclaran shrine joined the whole church in the Philippines in the annual celebration of the National Laity Week from September 22– 29, 2018. This coincides with the feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz our first Filipino lay saint. This week-long celebration is a celebration of  lay empowerment in the church. This year the highlight of the celebration is the critical role of the lay faithful in collaboration with the Clergy and Consecrated Persons in the building of the Church and in the transformation of present day Philippine society.


The ministry at the shrine cannot be possible without the valuable work of the lay. We have lots of lay people working at the shrine, some are full-time and many are volunteers. Many of them bring and share to the shrine their talents and specialties out of their devotion to our Mother of Perpetual Help. Having freely received blessings from God through the Blessed Mother they freely share these blessings to others especially to fellow devotees.

Lay Missionary

The Redemptorist lay missionary are active partners in the various ministries of the shrine.   They fully and directly participate in the shrine apostolate.  Rejoicing in the vocation and mission of the laity the Shrine welcome them as co-workers in the task of evangelization in accordance with the charisms proper to them as lay people.  In the shrine, we affirm our commitment to lay-empowerment. They are different from the staff and volunteers as they are fully integrated into the mission and community life of the Baclaran Shrine community.   They are not just involved in administration and management of the different programs and services of the shrine but directly involved in the mission and community building.



The shrine employs around 30 full-time staff and 20 more part-time and student workers.  They are part of the Redemptorist family working behind the scenes of the various ministries of the shrine.

All the services in the shrine and the smooth running of our houses would not have happened without our staff running our services.  We have young, competent, committed and happy social workers, and volunteers in the social services, carrying out dutifully their respective responsibilities with a sense of fulfillment and dedication. They have shared our dedication and commitment to the poor.

Our staff have tried to embody our charism and saw their work not just as work but their own small contribution to the exercise of the mission of the community.



The Shrine is home to more than 500 volunteers helping in various programs and services of the shrine.  Most of the volunteers offered freely their time and effort first and foremost out of their devotion to our Mother and their strong sense of  service to others.

Despite the big number of volunteers, the shrine still needs volunteers.  With the big number of devotees, the many programs and services of the shrine can only run through the generous efforts of  many volunteers.


If you have the heart of service and wish to express your affection to our Mother by joining our services, check out the different programs of the shrine and see where you can put to good use your talents.

If you want more information about volunteering at the shrine and wish to become a lay volunteer , you can go to our website.